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We've been sharing some of our bigger renovation projects, but I thought I'd take a minute to share one of the smaller details that we added to our basement egress windows. Now that I've had this for 7 months, I can say it's holding up perfectly and I'm actually considering adding something similar to the upstairs office.

Though the element of safety was the biggest driver in the decision to install egress windows in our basement, I was really excited about all the additional light the windows would allow in. So, when it came time to figure out how to add privacy (and in our case, "screen" the window well walls), I looked to find a solution that was affordable, fast, easy, and didn't sacrifice natural light.

I came across window static clings with some hesitation, but it was such an affordable option that I figured it was worth a shot. The install happened so quickly that I failed to take photos - it was really easy and took only 10 minutes. The only items you need are a squirt bottle with water (or damp towel, to create the "cling". Additionally, I ended up using a shower squeegee and credit card to "iron out" the bubbles. You'll find the exact install directions with the product you choose.

The image above was taken up close to the window, but you can see, with the image to the left, that the exterior window well "fades out" when stepping back from the window.

Note: If you're installing these on windows that are highly visible from the outside (close to neighbors, facing the street, etc.) you'll want to also have curtains or consider selecting a more opaque option cling, as the style I selected does not provide total privacy from illumination of the interior, after dark.

This is the product image for the window cling that I installed, however it is no longer available on Amazon. So, I've linked another option, that's very similar. Note: I installed the lines vertical, rather than horizontal, as the vertical length of the film carried vertical lines.

There are tons of styles with varying degrees of opaqueness available. This style is far more opaque.

And though this style doesn't really fit with the aesthetic of our home, I would LOVE to see this in person, as I find it eclectic, chic, and totally mesmerizing. In the right space, this could be amazing!

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