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DIY Cedar & Iron Railing

Cedar & Iron Front Porch Railing

Adding Front Porch Curb Appeal

Follow along for the steps that we followed to build cedar and iron railing. I'll supply the list of products we used, at the end of the post.

Step 1: Demo

We didn't feel one ounce of remorse bringing this old clanky thing down!

Old Iron Railing Front Porch Renovation

Step 2: Pour Concrete Foundation

Due to the new design of the railing, we needed to pour concrete footing for 1 of the 3 posts. We used a hole digger to dig to the thaw line and scrap wood to frame out a square for the top of the footing.

Pour concrete foundation for cedar post

Step 3: Waterproof Cedar

Treat cedar post and rails with a weather-proofing application. We used a urethane to provide water-proofing to the wood. Note: read the instructions on your weather proofing application so that you have enough time for drying between coats. Our product suggested 3 coats.

Cedar Porch Railing for Front Porch Renovation

Step 4: Drill Holes in Post & Secure Anchors to Concrete

Drill holes in the bottom of the post for securing to the anchor. Use a hole saw to drill a pilot cut in post and use a mallet to drive the anchor fully into the wood. Then install the anchors to the concrete using appropriate fasteners. In rushing ahead, I didn't end up taking any photos of these steps, but the directions make this easy to follow. I really liked that these anchors don't require exposed cuts in the bottom of the wood, so we went with the Titan Post Anchor Kit.

Step 5: Install Railing Connectors For the Bottom Rails

Since we were anchoring the railing to the house, we made 6x6 cedar plates to fasten the railing connectors.

Tip: There are different anchor railing for stairs and straight runs, so be sure to order the different types, based on your project needs.

Cedar & Iron Front Porch Railing Renovation

Step 6: Install Baluster Anchors & Balusters

The regular straight railing was super easy to install, but the stair railing is definitely more challenging. We actually ended up mixing different brands (because I didn't order enough of the baluster anchors online) so to stay on schedule I picked up a similar product at the local hardware store.

TIP: When ordering the baluster anchors, be sure to account for 2 anchors per pole!

When it came to the baluster anchors,I have to say that the Deckorators brand is far superior when it comes to the stair railing baluster, as it's easier to install. The anchors have taller interior framing component, so the poles stay in place much easier, while installing. We had to use tape to keep the balusters and anchors in place on the similar product that I picked up at the local hardware store. The photo to the left displays the difference in manufacturing. Though they look the same when installed, the Deckorator anchor on the right has the taller interior frame, which does a better job at holding the balusters in place, while instaling.

Cedar & Iron Front Porch balusters

Once the baluster and connectors were secured, we installed the top railing, using the railing connectors. If you're planning on doing this project, I highly recommend ratchet straps for securing the balustars and anchors, while installing the rails.

TIP: I should also note that this is most definitely a 2 person process, especially when installing the balusters for the stair railings.

Cedar and Iron Front Porch Railing Renovation

Step 7 Install The Post Cap

The standard post sizes are 4x4, but I wanted to create more of the stately craftsman look, so we went with 6x6 posts.

Cedar & Iron Post Cap Front Porch Renovation

Now that the railing is done, we'll be adding the last touches with furniture! I can't wait to reveal the full makeover next week! Make sure to sign up for our blog updates so you don't miss the reveal!

Product List:

6x6 Cedar Posts

2x4 Cedar Lumber

Appropriate fasteners (wood, masonry, etc.)

If this inspires you to build your own porch railing, please be sure to take a pic of your project and tag us at @Hyyge_Spruce


Thank you Barb!


Barbara Ness
Barbara Ness
Jun 20, 2020

So beautiful!

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