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Scandinavian + Craftsman Kitchen Renovation

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Inspiration for a 1920's Kitchen Project

Hej friends! I've been quiet on the blog, because I've been super busy pulling the details and scheduling together for a "lil" project we've been dreaming about for 2+ years (ever since we moved into our 1920's fixer-upper)!


I absolutely can't wait to get started on this and as you'll see in the photos below, this kitchen has a long way to go!

I love the Scandinavian design aesthetic and hope to blend that with Craftsman details to tie the space into our bungalow. What is a Scandinavian design aesthetic and how are we going to bring that hygge vibe to this kitchen? Below are the Scandinavian design principles that we'll be incorporating.

  1. Warm Woods: Warm woods are a staple in Scandinavian design and we're hoping to pull up two layers of previous flooring to reveal and refinish original oak hardwood floors. Additionally, we'll be incorporating wood fronts on the cabinets.

  2. Light & Airy: We'll be changing a window and removing a wall to allow more light in and bring openness to the space.

  3. Muted Colors: We'll be incorporating a white quartz countertop and neutral wall colors.

  4. Decluttered: We'll be adding new cabinets that we've planned to optimize storage, which will allow us to tuck all our kitchen items away and leave the counters clear of clutter.

  5. Texture: We'll bring in a little texture with a geometric tile for the backsplash.

Before we go too much further ahead, I wanted to include some before photos below. There is so much to be done on this project, but it'll be so worth it when we get to enjoy the new kitchen!

One Last Look Before The Kitchen Demolition!

Kitchen prior to renovation

I realized I hadn't taken many "before" photos so I snapped these while packing up the kitchen. It's definitely not normally this messy!

Kitchen Prior to Renovation

I was looking through old photos of the house and can't help but share this photo from before we bought the house. We did a quick painting of the walls to grey, before we moved in, to get us by until we could fully renovate the kitchen. (Ohhh, those peppers!)

Kitchen Before Renovation

This kitchen renovation will include, removing walls, changing a window size, moving the new appliance locations, adding new cabinets, demo'ing literally every square inch of the kitchen, and refinishing original wood floors (that are currently under 2 different layers of flooring). I'll provide more details next week on the layout and demo/construction progress, but want to share the design inspiration here.

Stay tuned for more details to come!

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I love kitchen renovations! So excited to see how this comes together!

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