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Blending Scandinavian & Craftsman Style with easy exterior decking! One Room Challenge: Week 4

It's week 4 of the One Room Challenge and we're making progress with the front porch renovation! I posted about why we chose this space for the challenge in Week 1. Since removing our furniture to demo the carpet and railing, the porch hasn't been as usable (think enjoying a glass of wine on a concrete step). I'm already missing time on the porch and can't wait for the next steps! But first:

To be honest, we're not completely done with install and it's not because the installation of the decking wasn't super easy or super fast. The decking has surpassed my expectations. We hit a speed-bump when it came time to remove the metal deck posts (set in concrete) that we're replacing. (Turns out we'll be adding a grinder to our toolbox). I hope to pick up the grinder and complete the install within the next day.

For the decking, I chose a brand new product (link below). This was a a bit of a risk, given that it had no online reviews and the store was closed (due to Covid19), so I couldn't see it in person. I went with this decking product because I was looking for something light in color that would bring understated style to the porch. It also had to be easy and quick to install and affordable.

After ripping up the brown carpet, we discovered a low spot in the concrete, so before installing the decking, we remedied the low spot with fast setting concrete. To be honest, this decking would have been able to be installed without adding concrete, but I wanted the ability to hose off the deck without worrying about water puddling in the middle and damaging the concrete overtime.

The decking easily snaps in place with the "connection nodes" pictured to the left. The decking pieces are easy to cut to fit, as well. The instructions indicate that you can use a hand saw. I think you could also use a straight edge and sharp blade (for a nice clean cut). We actually cut the pieces with a miter saw. (Be sure to wear protective eye wear, as small pieces of decking do fly off, while cutting with the saw).

I'll update this post with a wider angle view of the decking, once we've removed the deck post and completed installation. I'm already pleased with the style it brings to the space and can't wait to see it completed!

Material list:

Decking : ALTAPPEN



Miters saw (or handsaw or blade)

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