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Building A Backyard Oasis

Backyard Oasis Inspiration board

Follow along, as we transform an abandoned backyard into a modern outdoor oasis!

I'm really excited to be sharing this new update! If you've been following us for awhile, you know we have a lot of fun with the One Room Challenge. (If you're new here, the One Room Challenge is a twice per year, forum that brings together designers and diy'ers to share their journey in renovating a room). In a previous ORC year, we created a Scandinavian + Craftsman Front Porch.

This year we're not tackling a room (or a porch), but an entire backyard! We'll be working on Phase 1 of the renovation for this installment of the ORC. As winter is quickly approaching in Colorado, we'll work to beat the snow and have a usable space for the winter, with Phase 2 to come in the spring.

Below is a list of what we've set out to accomplish.

  1. Grade and remove excess backfill to achieve appropriate drainage

  2. Pour new concrete walkway and pads

  3. Set posts for string lights and screen wall

  4. Build raised planter bed around existing tree

  5. Power wash and paint fence

  6. Install irrigation

  7. Bring in top-soil and new sod

  8. Install shorter fencing along fence line

  9. Plant landscape plants

  10. Intall decorative rock

  11. Build outdoor sofa

  12. Build outdoor dining table

  13. Build water feature

  14. Build fire pit

Below is the "blank canvas" that we'll be working with. (Eeeeek!)

This was a quick and dirty rundown of what we'll be up to, but I promise much more is coming and in bigger detail in the coming weeks. Next week I'll share the plan for the backyard, along with updates on all the work.

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