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DIY Outdoor Sectional & Chaise

DIY Outdoor Sofa Sectional With Lounge

When designing the backyard the primary goal was to have a lounge area that took advantage of the Colorado sunshine during the colder months. Being coop'd up indoors in the winter can make the months drag on, but taking advantage of 60 degree days with really low humidity in December really helps to break up the cabin fever and soak up Vitamin D, at the same time!

In the winter, when the sun is low, the pitch of the roof shades much of the yard. I wanted to have a space where I could still get sunshine at the warmest times of the day during winter. Observation of the moving shadows indicated where I'd need to create the sunshiny lounge space.

Adding Outdoor Entertainment Space

We ended up going DIY for the outdoor sofa & chaise and made it out of cedar 2x4s. In addition to saving money, we were able to make it perfectly fit our space. Another money saver was that I purchased all the cushions for half price at the end of the season last year. Though I hadn't designed the sofa at that time, I had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, so I could plan ahead.

This sofa will seat 9 people comfortably and 11 people if ya want to get cozy.

And if you're wondering what a lounge space has to do with our Pizzeria & Garden project that I've been sharing recently, we've planned our backyard for entertaining, so the lounge space and fire pit, will be a fun spot to enjoy a beverage after the pizzas have been served!

Until then, I need to sand the wood and add a final layer of sealer, but we've already been taking advantage and lounging in the sun!

Small dogs on outdoor DIY sofa

This post didn't include a tutorial on how to build the sofa, so if that's something you'd be interested in, leave a note in the comments!

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One Room Challenge Outdoor Project

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Great looking outdoor furniture! Would love the plans to incorporate in my outdoor living are!

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