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DIY Pondless Water Feature Brings Backyard Ambiance

It's time for another weekly update on the progress for the Backyard Pizzeria & Garden project we've been working on as a guest participant in the the One Room Challenge.

We've been doing wood-fired this week, but unfortunately we've been too busy to do the pizza kind of wood fired. Though not as yummy, this was still a lot of fun though!

Have you ever heard of Shou Sugi Ban? It's an ancient Japanese siding technique that involves charring wood, cleaning the soot, and then finishing/preserving it with natural oil. This process allows for the wood to be weather and pest resistant....and looks dramatically stunning at the same time.

Why a water feature for a outdoor pizzeria? I love the ambiance that a water fountain brings to a space. The natural sound also helps to dampen city traffic noise.

The fountain is positioned between the the dining area and sofa/fire pit area where it can be enjoyed from the perspectives of both spaces. It was important that the water feature was double sided for this reason. Also, I wanted a pondless water feature - I really appreciate the seamless way they fit into a landscape. A pondless water feature works when the water flows over rocks and into a sunken (buried) basin, where the water collects and recirculates. Therefore you never see the "pond".

This week is a short update - I'll be back next week with more progress! In the meantime, here's a video clip of the water feature, because a photo just doesn't capture the ambiance!

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* This phase of the backyard project is in conjunction with the One Room Challenge, sponsored by Apartment Therapy. You can check out other inspiring projects of the ORC by clicking here.

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