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Maximize Storage In Small Bathrooms

Modern Oak Bathroom Vanity

Making the most of storage helps to add functionality and organization to any space, this is especially true in older homes, where closets were not a part of bathroom design. Though this bathroom has a limited footprint, we maximized storage in the following ways: by including shelving above the toilet and selecting a vanity that was conducive to bathroom storage needs.

Vanity Selection:

There are tons of vanity options available, however we were particular and looked for 3 things when selecting the vanity.

1. Double sinks - in today's housing market, double sinks in bathrooms are highly sought after, lending functionality to the space by allowing more than one person to utilize the vanity at a time.

2. Functional storage - with varying heights of drawer and cabinet space, this design allow for taller items (ex: hairspray and mouthwash bottles, automatic toothbrushes, etc.) while the shallower drawers provide easy and visible access to smaller items (ex: hairbrushes and beauty products).

3. Modern design - we wanted clean lines and a modern look. The frosted glass in the doors visually lightens up the vanity, while discretely storing contents. Vanity can be found here.

Look Up:

Often great opportunities for storage and organization can be found, simply by looking up. In this bathroom, we added additional storage above the toilet with floating shelves. We went with light wood to tie into the wood floors and vanity. By keeping the shelving open, we also maximized the visual size of the space. Open shelving also provides cost savings, over traditional hanging cabinets.

Storage bins can be a great way to organize and add pops of color- in this case we chose to coordinate the grey storage bins with the gray shower tile. Though the storage bins we used are no longer available online these storage bins are similar and can be purchased on Amazon.


This bathroom may be on the smaller side, in regards to modern standards, but it has all the storage we need between the vanity, shelves and storage bins.

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