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Adding Function In A 1920s Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen demolition and renovation

We're well into the renovation and this week I'm excited to share more details about the new layout for the kitchen!

Of all the changes planned, the most impactful is probably the removal of the wall that divides the kitchen and dining/living room and this is also the detail that I'm most excited about!

We love to cook and also entertain so opening the kitchen up will allow us to be able to spend time together, while cooking and also socialize (once it's safe to gather again). We're also relocating the oven & cooktop and adding cabinets to what was an underutilized "breakfast nook". I've detailed more of the demo and design layout below!

Kitchen demolition plan
  1. Remove wall that divides kitchen and dining/living room.

  2. Remove upper cabinets on wall

  3. Remove 2 layers of flooring and refinish original hardwood floors

  4. Remove overhead arches

  5. Resize window to allow for cabinets on both sides of what was a "breakfast nook" space.

Scandinavian kitchen renovation plan

6. Add a peninsula for additional seating.

7. Add an under counter beverage cooler and under counter microwave.

8. Replace standard fridge with a cabinet depth fridge to maintain clean lines. Floor to ceiling cabinets will flank both sides of the fridge.

9. Relocate oven and replace with induction cook top and wall oven.

10. Add additional floor to ceiling cabinets and a coffee bar where the appliances will be out of site.

And since I can't wait any longer to share the progress of construction, below are photos from the dining room looking towards the kitchen!

Kitchen demolition wall

Photo: Before the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room was removed.

kitchen renovation project

Photo: after the wall was removed.

It really has made such a difference and makes the space so much more light and airy, a design goal we described in our post last week, detailing the design aesthetic we're working towards.

Be sure to join in on our adventures and follow us on instagram at @Hyyge_Spruce

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