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DIY Cedar Planter/Privacy Wall : One Room Challenge : Week 3

It's hard to believe that week 3 of the One Room Challenge is already here! I'm excited to share our super fast and affordable DIY this week! We're getting one step closer to our #HyggeHome goals for the front porch!

One of the elements of our Porch Renovation was to replace the old privacy wall with a fresh cedar slat planter wall (before photo here) I've outlined the product list and price below but, first a little more info on this detail of the renovation.

I went back and forth a bit on how wide to make the gaps in the slats. I wanted to make sure the cedar planter and privacy wall still received some light for the plants, as it’s completely shaded on the underside of the porch and also that a nice breeze wasn’t prohibited from cooling the porch (Denver can have surprisingly hot summer days). The trailing plants will grow out and fill in the spaces, too, so I think we landed the spacing right.

I had originally planned for a more modern type of planter pot, but the retailer is closed, due to covid and not taking online orders. In a quick hurry I picked up some cheap plastic planters from the hardware store and painted them white, until I can get the modern pots.

This week wasn’t a huge project, but sometimes just little tweaks can make a big difference, especially in a small space!


(15) 3.5" Cedar Fence Picket = $30

(1) Cedar 2x4x8' lumber = $10

(6) Planter Pots = $15

(2) Cans of Spray Paint = $12

(6) Wall Mount Planter Holder = $30

(6) Plants from local nursery = $24


FYI - If you're planning for this project, don't forget fasteners. The above doesn't include the cost of screws (which I already had) ....and to be honest, it'd take too much time to provide the break out $ of individual screws, as we've got to get moving to meet the Week 4 One Room Challenge deadline for the next phase of this renovation! :)

Be sure to join the adventure, as we go, and follow us on instagram at @Hyyge_Spruce

Also, don't miss out on all the talent and inspiration happening on the One Room Challenge Blog!

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