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DIY Fence Picket Flower Box

Flower Window Box : Cedar Fence Pickets & Petunias

Looking for an easy DIY to spruce up your curb appeal? This cedar flower box was quick and affordable and we continue to get compliments on it from neighbors passing by. (It's always rewarding to hear that your projects are admired!)

Cedar accents are probably my favorite way to add exterior curb appeal. Why cedar? The tone of the wood compliments almost every home color scheme and design style. Additionally, cedar is rot and termite resistant, making it great for exterior use. This is actually one of several cedar projects we've done. You can read up on DIY Cedar & Iron Porch Railing and Cedar Raised Garden Beds on their own blog posts.

Tools List:

Table Saw

Miter Saw (optional for mitered corners)


Staple Gun

Disk sander

Materials List:

Cedar Fence Pickets

Cedar 2x4


Plastic sheeting, painters plastic works great

Step 1: Determine the size of your box.

Our box fits directly under our window. The dimensions of the box are 9" deep x 7" tall x93" wide.

Step 2: Determine your material list, based on the size of your box.

A fence picket is 5' tall by 5.5" wide. Since my box is 7" tall, I knew I could get 8 sidewall pieces per fence picket. I have 204 linear feet of sidewalls, which means I'd need 26 fence pickets.

  • Tip: When calculating how many pickets you'll need, consider that pickets come with a "dog ear" cut on one end, therefore you won't have exactly 5' length, as one end will need to be squared off.

Step 3: Sand the pickets down.

Fence pickets are rough. I used a heavy sand paper on a disk sander to smooth them out a bit. I did not attempt to get them perfectly smooth, but wanted to knock off some of the roughness.

Step 4: Make your cuts

Note that you'll actually cut the pickets 1/2" shorter than the height of your box so that the pickets that make up the bottom side of the box will fit. *See step 6 for a photo detailing this.

Saw and cedar fence pickets

Step 5: Build the frames of the box.

We ripped cedar 2x4s in half and built the box frame with a 45 degree mitered connection. Note: I prefer the look of the mitered corners, but if you don't have a miter saw, this project would still look great with square joinery in the corners.

Flower Box Ceder Frame

Step 6: Attach the pickets to the frames to create the 4 sides.

Align the pickets to the top of the frame, which will leave a "gap" at the bottom of the frame to secure the pickets that form the bottom of the box. *Notice in the photo that the pickets aren't the full width of the frame, along the side with the tape measure.

Flower Box Cedar Frame

Flower Box  cedar side walls

Step 7: Attach all 4 sides.

Use the nail gun to attach all for sides to form the box. Ensure that the top and bottom of each side are appropriately aligned. This photo is the bottom side of the box, where the pickets that form the bottom will then be nailed.

flower box cedar frame

Step 8: Attach pickets that make the bottom of the box.

Flip the box so that the bottom side is up. Nail the pickets to the bottom. Then drill a few holes in the bottom for water drainage.

securing sides to cedar flower box

Step 9: I applied a coat of Gronomics Cedar Bed Oil.

This will help to "seal" the wood from the elements. It's natural and non-toxic. This is especially important if you're growing vegetables in your box. Even though this is for flowers, I still try use non toxic products whenever possible.

Step 10: Staple plastic to inside of box.

I installed plastic on the inside of the box to give the wood a little extra protection with a staple gun. Plants need good soil drainage, so I punched a few holes in the plastic. That's a little counter-intuitive to the above stated reason for installing the plastic in the first place, but this method will protect the wood, while allowing water to drain.

Step 11: Add dirt and plant with your favorite flowers!

I chose petunias for this sunny exposure location. They can handle full sun and some varieties are especially heat tolerant. Best part - they are full of blooms all summer long!

Cedar window flower box and petunias

If this has inspired you to build your own, we'd love to see it! Please be sure to share your project with us in the comment section or on Instagram at @Hyyge_Spruce.

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Natalie Ness
Natalie Ness
21 Ιουλ 2022

Absolutely beautiful!!! Everything you guys do is an absolute reflection of your wonderful talents!!! Thanks for sharing 🙌🏽🌷🪴🫶🏽

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21 Ιουλ 2022
Απάντηση σε

Awe, thank you Natalie! 🤗

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