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Tiered Planter Beds : One Room Challenge : Week 6

Our 1920s bungalow has brick ledges for a window box, so a few months ago we built a cedar box for petunias. When we were looking at what to do for the landscaping in front of our porch,I wanted to add an additional cedar accent with a raised cedar bed.

We built the bed before digging out the dirt in front of porch. I had wondered why previous owners mounded up so much dirt in front of the porch and discovered the reason why, after we had dug the dirt out. Under about 3' of dirt there was a foundation for what was probably a raised brick planter bed. When we discovered the foundation for the brick bed we realized that we were going to need to build another bed, as we wouldn't be able to grow anything over the concrete foundation. So arriving at tiered beds was a bit of an accident, but I really like how it turned out.

I wanted low maintenance plants with seasonal interest for these south facing beds, so I planted the following plants. I can't wait for them to grow and fill out the beds a little more!

Gold Splash Wintercreeper

Veronica Bubblegum Candles

Snowmass Veronica

This project proved to be an affordable way to add a lot of curb appeal. While working on the porch, we've had several compliments from passing by neighbors complimenting the beds.

We're getting rather efficient at building raised beds and now and I have plans to do several raised beds in the backyard. I'll follow up with instructions on how to build these beds once we get started on the additional beds.

Now that this is done, we're moving on to new railing for week , stay tuned!

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