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Hardwood Floor Restoration: Scandi Craftsman Kitchen Renovation

If you’ve ever renovated an older home, you might have come across flooring (or in our case, multiple layers of flooring) laid over original hardwoods. I mentioned that we'd be restoring the original hardwood floors in the kitchen. Warm woods are a staple in Scandinavian design, and it's nice that the kitchen flooring will now be consistent with the living and dining room. Once we're done with the remaining work for the renovation, the kitchen floors will have the final coats of stain applied. Though they aren't done yet, they're already looking so much better!

This is the "before" photo of the flooring. It's actually the second layer above the hardwoods.

You can see the first layer of laminate flooring (at the far left edges) and of course the exposed original hardwoods below that!

I can't wait to update you next week on the progress we've made. If you missed what we've done on the kitchen so far, you can read more below!

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Week 2: Planning For A Modern Lifestyle In a 1920's Kitchen Renovation

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