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It's been awhile since I've shared progress on the kitchen renovation! Serving as essentially a general contractor on a full scale kitchen renovation during a pandemic (with all the extra challenges associated with it) ended up consuming a great deal of my time, leaving little left for updating the blog. That said, I've truly appreciated the messages in shared anticipation for updates! Now that we're nearly complete with the renovation (and even got to cook our first Thanksgiving dinner in it) I'm excited to share some of the details that I'm most enjoying in the new space!

This won't be a full reveal of the kitchen renovation, as the last thing we are waiting on are cabinet fronts. Luckily, the fronts arrived last night and we're hoping to share a big reveal next week, once they're installed!


I'm really happy with the tile we selected for the kitchen wall. It has dimensionality without being "busy".

Rather than do a traditional backsplash, we took the tile from countertop to the ceiling and it visually really expands the space! In sticking with a Scandinavian design aesthetic, we went with a neutral palette of white with very light grey grout. For a little contrast, we selected black fixtures to compliment the light palette.


Another Scandinavian design aesthetic goal we wanted to achieve was clutter-free counters. We created a nook to host the coffee machines that is out of sight from the main space, as it's tucked along a side wall. (As you can see, the surrounding cabinets don't have the fronts installed just yet.) That said, I'm really enjoying having a dedicated space for our morning coffee routine.


Perhaps my most favorite practical detail of the kitchen is my new found absolute love for induction cooking! Cooking is a shared favorite activity (it's where we find our own hygge) and so getting a cook surface that fit out needs was important. I did a lot of research into the opinions of professional chefs, when it comes to induction. Since typically gas tops has been the preference for years, I was surprised to find how many professional chefs praised the induction cooktop. Of course there will always be cooks who prefer gas, but I have found the induction cooktop to be incredibly responsive and consistent in heat application and subsequent cooking and I love that it can boil water within seconds!

Without giving away too much of the reveal, before we're completely done with the renovation, I'll sign off now and get to unpacking cabinet fronts! Stay tuned for a full reveal which I hope to share next week!

If you've come across this blog for the first time then welcome here! You can learn more about our overall design goals and how we redesigned the layout of our kitchen to accommodate modern living by clicking on the hyperlinks. And be sure to join in on our adventures and follow us on instagram at @Hyyge_Spruce

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