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Countertops, Appliances, & Fresh Bread: Kitchen Reno Update

The last few weeks have been a bit of blur, as we continue to make progress on our our Scandinavian inspired kitchen renovation!

Week 4 found us on the road for a special wedding, while also working to move things forward with the renovation. That said, last week got a bit away from us, so please excuse our miss of a Week 4 update, but that just means I get to share extra progress details in this post!


Our white quartz countertops are in and I'm absolutely loving them! They really help to brighten the space and bring that light and airy aesthetic to the kitchen. Also the new peninsula (with it's additional seating) is already proving that it'll be a highly enjoyed part of the new space!


Also, this week our appliances were installed! There is never a good time to be without a functioning kitchen and doing this renovation during a pandemic has provided extra challenges, along with some serious testing of patience, but now that I have a functioning kitchen back, it's already starting to feel worth the wait! I've even managed to break in the oven with a bread loaf, an asiago cheese bread that is dangerously delicious!

Remaining To Do List:

Paint walls & ceiling

Install new shades

Install pendant light fixtures

Finish staining and sealing wood floors

Hang backsplash tile

Install cabinet fronts

If you're looking at the list and thinking that we have a ways to go, we defintily do! We're feeling good about wrapping up the remaining items though. There is a particular piece that I'm not sure we'll have in time for the One Room Challenge Final Reveal and those are the custom cabinet fronts. I had high hopes that they'd arrive in time for the final reveal, however it's looking like that might not be the case (insert an example of that testing of patience, I mentioned earlier). I'm trying to balance this set-back with a positive one however! I received my backsplash tile today! And the reason this feels like such a big win is that I ended up spending countless hours trying to source the particular tile I had picked out. 5 different times the tile went out of stock (or on back-order), while I was waiting to receive the sample to confirm the tile selection and now that it's here, I can't wait to see these remaining details come together.

Though we have plenty to do, we're getting so close to enjoying our modernized kitchen, and just in time for the holidays! Stay tuned...for more updates and the final reveal!

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